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A Dream of Ashes

...art, writing, ruminations, and sundries

8 July 1984
Trayus Academy
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**Update: Apparently all I do anymore is write fills for kinkmemes. Yay?

I'm lady_vaguely, better known as VaguelyFamiliar. This journal is where I post artwork, writing, and related thoughts. This is where you'll find sketches, drabbles, and naughtier stuff than I can post at my usual haunts. My main fandoms are CRPGs like Baldur's Gate, KotOR, and Fallout.

All of my entries have been freshly reorganized and labeled, and new stuff is finally being added. From here out, I'll only friendslock the adult entries, although I don't plan on reclassifying all of the old entries, which are mostly personal hoohah anyway.

Just comment if you'd like to be added! I love intarweb friends.