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15th-Apr-2010 06:52 pm - Newish fanstuff
I am such a lazyass that I haven't bothered posting any of my fanjunks here in like, enough time to gestate an elephant. So, here is a stuff!dump.

Drawings for Fallout, Mass Effect, and Dragon Age.

I drew a rp-buddy's Fallout character, Calico. A really fun RP, but it shared the problem many of them have of people only posting like, once a month. I don't have that kind of attention span! I can't even remember why I went into the kitchen by the time I get there.

I filled out a meme on DeviantArt for Dragon Age. Certified 100% Alistair-free!! (Sad fact--this pile of crap drawings is the most viewed and favorited thing in my gallery. Almost 7000 people have seen my drawing of Dog humping Sten's leg and my waxing romantic about Simon Templeman as dog excrement. But until now, the most popular stuff I posted was steamy xenokink stuff for Star Wars, so...am I moving up or down in the world? Discuss amongst yourselves!)

I drew my chubby ginger Shepard chillin' with Garrus.
My alternate version of the Shepard/Garrus romance scene. Now with even more awkward.
24th-Feb-2010 07:40 pm - Whaaat? A Loghain comm?
My heart, it is warmed.
What with Tiger and Dr. Drew's new show and the rest, sex addiction seems to be the end of the year hot topic. It's weird to hear everyone from Joe Blow on the local news to my inlaws discussing whether or not sex addiction is "real" and to what degree it excuses slimy behavior. 

I work with sex addicts every day (I work at an outpatient rehab center for all types of addictions,) and my experience of the disorder is so, so very different than what I'm encountering... Especially irritating and sad to me are four characterizations I keep running into:

1. A sex addict is just someone who really, really enjoys sex or who has sex with greater frequency than average.

2. A sex addict is a just person who engages in the "wrong kind" of sex.

3. Therapists and psychs who treat the disorder are prudes who can't tolerate sexual behavior that violates their slim definition of normal.

4. People who treat behavioral addictions are in it for the money. This one especially makes me laugh, since I pull a cool 12 bucks an hour with no employee benefits after obtaining a degree and numerous certifications.

I absolutely agree that there are douchebaggedy therapists and "experts" flogging the term inappropriately, and there are people using the term "sex addiction" to somehow justify their misbehavior.

But more and more lately I find myself in the position of defending people who seek or provide treatment for something that causes incredible distress and dangerous, sometimes deadly complications... I just can't quite wrap my mind around it.
18th-Oct-2009 12:22 am - Ruminations on RPG Romance
As soon as I found the most douchetastical haricut in the Dragon Age character creator, I knew the male romance option would have it.

I'd be willing to bet it'll be another series of therapy sessions, too. That's my professional life-- no need to recreate it in a magical world of fantasy, thanks.

Worst thing is, I'll still play through it. And I'll inevitably end up pulling my hair out over some hot secondary character whose bones the game will refuse to let me digitally jump while none-too-subtley nudging me toward the passive agressive head case.

My superfantastic list of characters I think would have been more fun to romance than the real options and why under the cut:

Ze cut!Collapse )

So, buddies, what are your favorite romances that shoulda coulda been? 
25th-Sep-2009 09:20 pm - I am buying my first house...
So I'm perched on a thin line between excited and exhausted. What a ton of work! After a day of working, then dealing with inspections, loan officers, and assorted house hootenany, I fall into bed only to lay awake thinking about what colors I'm going to paint the fireplace room. Sleep? Whassat?

Just for fun my air conditioner is broken for the fourth time this summer. Once again my landlords are dragging ass getting it fixed (and, being Tucson, it's still well over 90 degrees in the house.) They'll probably find a way to charge us for repairs, too. God, I'll sure miss renting.

Quick update on my life in general:

New Katamari game coming out. Drooooool.
Making Halloween costumes rules. Hope I have time to finish.
Enjoying my new job as intake coordinator for an outpatient addiction therapy center.

Landlords. Grrrr. Hell kinda name is "landlord" anyway? I suggest "TinyWangedCondoTyrants."
Defective ladyparts. Considering making my uterus into a tea cozy.
One of my hermie krebs died in a bad molt. <:( Poor Pirate. Rhubarb died a few months ago, once again leaving little Biscuit all alone.

I was infected with a southern drawl all day. Couldn't turn it off even when speaking to clients. What gives? I only slept with a close relative once, and that was under the influence of mind altering substances so it hardly counts. *
Someone called yesterday to ask us what our phone number was. ...?
My underwear is on inside out.

*Kidding. I was totally sober.
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