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A Dream of Ashes
...art, writing, ruminations, and sundries
Blast from the past 
6th-May-2011 09:18 pm
I've been writing Fever Dream again. Having a great time with it, too. It's nice to see how much more quickly I can crank out pages now. There's the risk of a wild style change mid-story, of course, since there's a nice five year gap between the posting of chapters 9 and 10, but I suppose that's still better than leaving it unfinished.

I tend to sketch whatever I'm writing. I zone out, doodle, and brainstorm ideas for upcoming chapters. So, here's a sketch of pre-Malachor Del (the same girl in my journal...picture...thingy in the upper left.) I like to think that this takes place sometime during the years when Revan was transforming into a super space-douche, but Del kept following orders because, hey, Dark Lord charisma. The moral equivalent of beer-goggles.

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